Get More Settlers In Going Medieval

One of the the most important things you need to do in Going Medieval is to get more settlers for your developing settlement. Without enough settlers, you won’t be to grow and expand your settlement. After all, you cannot have a community without people in it, and settlers are your most important resource in Going Medieval. In this Get More Settlers in Going Medieval guide, we will show you all the ways how you can get settlers.

Get More Settlers In Going Medieval

How To Get More Settlers In Going Medieval

In Going Medieval, there are two main ways to acquire settlers:

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  • By setting up your starting game to begin with a larger number of settlers.
  • Through random events that happen during the game.

Set Going Medieval Starting Conditions

Set Going Medieval Starting Conditions

When you begin your game, you can choose between several starting conditions. These are: A New Life, Lone Wolf, and Add New. Each of these is intended for different playstyles. A New Life is your standard beginner scenario that is recommended for new players. Lone Wolf is your hardcore start – you begin the game with one settler during the winter and few supplies. Add New lets you customize your starting conditions and this includes setting up how many settlers you want to start the game with.

Under “Settler Constraints”, set your number of settlers. You can add any number you like here, but please be aware that the game can experience graphical glitches and other bugs if you set this too high.

Gain More Settlers in Going Medieval Through Game Events

Gain More Settlers in Going Medieval Through Game Events

The other way to get more settlers is via random game events. These occur naturally during every playthrough. Recruit events can come in various scenarios (and as the game is developed further, no doubt more will be added), but when one of them happens, you will be presented with a choice on what you want to do. You can either accept the new settler or deny and send them away.

How To Gain Additional settlers in going medieval

Before you make your decision, you can see the stats of the new settler to decide if they will be a good contribution to your settlement.

Going Medieval Roadmap

Currently, these are the only two ways that you can get more settlers in Going Medieval. Though we can only speculate, according to the official development roadmap, there will probably be other ways to add new settlers. Caravans, settlement diplomacy, trading, raiding other settlements, and prisoner system are all likely candidates for systems that can result in extra settlers.

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