Golf for Workgroups Released on Steam Early Access

Golf for Workgroups, a multiplayer golfing game with rocket carts, has been released on Steam Early Access. It is being developed by Cryptic Sea, the team behind betrayal simulator Sub Rosa, while publishing is being handled by indie champions Devolver Digital. It features robots with pistols and teapots for heads, barely costs anything and has a great trailer to explain all the important details.

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golf for workgroups hits early access
Golf for Workgroups: The Premier Golf Productivity Software Suite

Here’s what the official description says:

Golf for Workgroups is a competently designed golf course, ball, player and cart simulation with a swing component designed to be satisfying. Up to four players each navigate a biped around a height field texture mapped to look like a golf hole.

It’s basically American Psycho: The Game. Up to four people can play it, and there are nine holes at the moment – both are planned for an increase before the game is out of early access. There are five different game modes – stroke (classic golf), skins (scores add up between holes), speed (race against the clock), team skins (skins with teams instead of single players) and team speed (like speed, but with teams).

It’s a remaster/reboot of a freeware game from way back when, called Golf? (known among fans as Golf Question Mark). If the fabulous pitch video hasn’t convinced you, you could give the old version a try. It’s still free, and available on the official site. The devs expect to finish the game in the next six months, and the price is probably going to increase as they add more content. For now, it’s a paltry $5. If you like the idea but don’t really appreaciate the noble sport of golf, you could try Hockey?, another masterful first person sports game from Cryptic Sea (this one’s free as well).

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