Guacamelee 2 Finally Announced for PC, Please Act Surprised

DrinkBox Studios have announced that Guacamelee! 2, the sequel to their popular metroidvania from a few years back, will also be released on Steam. For some reason, we (and everyone else, most probably) assumed it would be coming to Steam from the beginning, but it looks like it was only announced for the Switch originally? Maybe? It’s all a bit confusing, but the good news is that there’s a new trailer for Guacamelee 2, the metroidvania that was most certainly coming to PC all along, but now it officially is as well.

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guacamelee 2 pc version
Guacamelee 2 Finally Announced for PC, Please Act Surprised

The new trailer introduces the story, and gives us a tiny glimpse of the game in action. After a thousand years of slumber, the Mask of Vengeance is back, and it’s going to wreak havoc across the Mexiverse. Because it’s a universe based on Mexican folklore, you see – Día de Muertos, luch libre, chicken fights. Realistically speaking, who better to protect it than Juan Aguacate, the handsome hero of the first game? Except he’s retired, sitting in a comfy chair somewhere, dipping nachos into suspicious salsa and sipping on a cerveza.

Judging by the last few dozens of seconds from the trailer, retirement isn’t going to stop this one. You can see him running, wall-jumping, air-dashing, flipping gravity, using a grappling hook, dodging a hail of bullets in a boss fight, and then doing it all again with up to three other luchadores.

The game is coming “soon-ish”, and in the meantime, you can pick up other games from DrinkBox’s catalogue for 90% off. This means Guacamelee for less than two dollars. Get it, if you haven’t already. It’s a joyous thing – alive with color, fast and precise, and it’s definitely one of the top ten metroidvanias we’ve ever had the fortune of playing.

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