Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Expansion Gets Mounts and a Release Date

The Guild Wars 2 second expansion, called “Path of Fire”, is set to release on September 22, 2017. It features new story elements, maps (Elona and the Crystal Desert), never-before-seen mounts, elite specializations, a new guild hall (Windswept Haven), and more.

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Players can participate in a free Path of Fire preview weekend from August 11 to 13. Everyone who has a GW2 account is eligible for it. You can expect to see the opening story of the second expansion, as well as the Crystal Oasis map with the Raptor mount! To learn everything about the second expansion, head to the official Guild Wars 2 page, or check out their YouTube channel. They have everything you need to know.

Mounts in Guild Wars 2

Mounts are making their appearance in Guild Wars 2 for the first time. They will have the same restrictions as the Heart of Thorns’ gliders. They won’t be exclusive to the new zones; however, you can’t take them, for example, to PvP or Worlds vs World.

There are four mounts for now, each with their own unique movement ability and a single engage combat skill. Each one of them can be used for traversing the map quicker, with the new mastery system that is all about them. Each mount has its mastery line, and investing there increases the effect of their passive abilities, while also adding new ones. The four mounts are:

GW2 Second Expansion Path of Fire Gets Mounts and a Release Date

  • The Raptor – The first mount the player gets access to. Its unique movement ability is an enormous leap. It can be used to jump across large gaps, over roofs, etc. Its engage skill is a tail spin that can pull enemies together.
  • The Springer – Combination of a mutant bunny or a slightly cuddlier jackalope. Its unique movement ability is a long horizontal leap. This is a charged-up jump, where you choose the height by the number of seconds you spend charging it.
  • The Skimmer – A manta-like creature that hovers above the surface, including things like water (where it can jump) and other dangerous areas.
  • The Jackal – A magical beast that can blink forward over a very short distance. Unlike the Raptor, he can change the direction of a blink in midair. This is crucial in certain puzzles, where this type of directional movement is needed.

Elite Specializations in Path of Fire

Each existing class will get a new elite specialization in the second Guild Wars 2 expansion. It offers new playstyles, weapon choices, and traits to choose from. Be sure to check the official YouTube channel for the in-depth breakdown.

  • Elementalist – Weaver
  • Ranger – Soulbeast
  • Warrior – Spellbreaker
  • Engineer – Holosmith
  • Guardian – Firebrand
  • Mesmer – Mirage
  • Thief – Deadeye
  • Necromancer – Scourge
  • Revenant – Renegade

Path of Fire Pre-Purchase Bonuses

The second expansion comes with a price tag of $30. It can be found as a part of a bundle, with the first expansion Heart of Thorns, at a price of $50. The Guild Wars 2 core game is free for everyone as of August 29, 2015.

  • The Spearmarshal’s Gift – A special gift from an anonymous friend in Elona. Players will use this to choose one weapon skin from the Sunspear Weapon Set.
  • “Elonia Envoy” title – Whether a new arrival to Elona or coming home, build bridges by displaying this symbol of respect and friendship.
  • Miniature Balthazar – This exclusive miniature replica of the god of War and Fire is on the warpath.

If you have a low-level character, or this is your first Guild Wars 2 experience, you’ll be able to skip the leveling process. The second expansion offers an instant max-level boost for one character to level 80, with gear and some gold.

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