Hollow Knight Grimm Troupe Free Expansion Release Date Revealed

The release date of the Grimm Troupe free expansion for Hollow Knight has been revealed by the developers. It’s coming out in less than a week, and it will bring a whole new quest, new bosses, enemies, charms, and so on.

Hollow Knight Grimm Troupe Free Expansion Release Date Revealed
Hollow Knight Grimm Troupe Free Expansion Release Date Revealed

Team Cherry, the developers o Hollow Knight, have announced the release date for the new free expansion for the game. It’s called The Grimm Troupe, and it’s coming out on Thursday, October 26th. You’ll be able to grab it on PC, Linux and Mac. If you got the game on GOG.com or Steam, The Grimm Troupe will be a free update for you. If you got the game DRM-free via Humble Bundle, you’ll be able to pick up a version of the game with the update through your humble link. Also, according to the announcement on the Team Cherry website, GOG users can look forward to the addition of the GOG Galaxy feature. In other words, your save date will be backed up on a cloud, and achievements will start popping up.

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The Grimm Troupe expansion is bringing a ton of new content to the game, and you can see a few hints of it in the video below. What exactly can you look forward to? Well, there’s going to a whole new quest line, as Grimm and the troupe attack Hallownest. Of course, there’ll be many new enemies and bosses to fight. Luckily, you’ll have new allies that will help you, and four new charms to add to your arsenal. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy new, spooky music from the pen of Christopher Larkin. Last, but not least, the update will bring a new feature to the game – custom map markers. You can put them wherever you want on the map to mark any point that’s of interest to you.

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