Hollow Knight Hidden Dreams DLC Gets Release Date

In their latest blog post, Hollow Knight developers at Team Cherry have revealed the release date of Hidden Dream, the game’s upcoming DLC. The add-on is supposed to be released on August 3rd, and it’s going to be free for all owners of the game. The post also mentions some of their favorite mods, a particular speedrun and other minor happenings.

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hollow knight dlc release date
Hidden Dreams DLC release date

The update, which will add two new bosses and fast travel, was supposed to launch in July. It got delayed, however, because it wasn’t up to snuff yet:

In classic Team Cherry style, this is a little later than we said, but we felt the update needed a little more testing and fine tuning before we send it out. Plus, we may have managed to squeeze a few little unannounced surprises in there!Thanks for being patient with us, we really hope you all enjoy descending back into the kingdom of Hallownest and hunting down the new secrets!

One of the things that wasn’t mentioned yet is that the DLC will also add Italian language support to the game. A Japanese translation will follow suit shortly. As for mods, the devs talked about two specifically – one that makes the game easier by replacing your basic melee weapon with a ranged one (Lightbringer), and another that makes it higher by giving you 1 HP and increased damage (Glass Soul). Both are available on ModDB, and the second one sounds like a great addition for the NG+ crowd.

Apart from the new content, the update should bring a new stag station, as well as the Dream Gate upgrade. The latter will act as a method of fast travel, letting you traverse the Veil to get where you need to be. It might not be a great addition for first playthroughs, but it’s going to be valuable when replaying.

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