Hollow Knight on the Nintendo Switch Nearing Completion

The Nintendo Switch version of Hollow Knight is getting closer to launch. According to the developers Team Cherry, they port is now feature-complete. All that’s left is testing and optimization, and the game will be ready to go. There’s still no set launch date, but it probably won’t be long.

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Hollow Knight on the Nintendo Switch Nearing Completion
Hollow Knight on the Nintendo Switch Nearing Completion

Hollow Knight is a stylish Metroidvania indie game developed by Team Cherry. The game originally launched on February 24th, 2017 for the PC. Later on, it released on MacOS and Linux, and got a physical version for all three platforms. Currently, the developers are working on a port for the Nintendo Switch.

In a recent blog post, Team Cherry announced that they’ve almost finished the port. According to the announcement, they’ve wrapped up the features. They’re currently working on testing and optimization, and once that’s done, the game will be launch-ready. Best of all, the brand new Hidden Dreams DLC will be included in the Switch version. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Quick Update: Switch version is now feature complete! Prep your Joycons (Or your Pro Controller, if you prefer). From now till Hollow Knight’s (unspecified) Switch launch day it’s all about testing and optimisation, all the time. That’s still a task mind you! But things are really rolling now!

And though it may go without saying, Hidden Dreams will of course be included with the Switch version at launch!

The Hidden Dreams DLC brings several new things to Hollow Knight. It includes two new bosses and music tracks, as well as the new Dream Gate upgrade and Stag Station.

The Nintendo Switch version doesn’t have a launch date yet. However, now that the production is slowly wrapping up, the release probably isn’t too far off. It’s kinda interesting to observe how the Switch is housing popular indie games. We’ll see if Nintendo keeps up the trend once more triple-A games start rolling out.

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