House of the Dragon Release Date & Time for Game of Thrones Prequel

Looking for the House of the Dragon premiere date and time? The long-awaited prequel series for Game of Thrones is almost here! The new show, based on George RR Martin’s 2018 novel Fire And Blood, will cover the peak and succeeding downfall of House Targaryen. The main theme of the show is the civil war among Targaryens, known as The Dance of the Dragons, which marked the beginning of the end of the family which has ruled Westeros for almost 300 years. Read on to learn about the House of the Dragon release date and time and find out when House of the Dragon debuts in your time zone.

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House of the Dragon Release Date & Time for Game of Thrones Prequel
When is the Game of Thrones prequel release date and time?

When Does House of the Dragon Come Out

So, you are probably wondering “When does House of the Dragon debut in my time zone?”. The official release date for House of the Dragon is August 21st or 22nd 2022, depending on your local time zone. Below, you will find the exact release dates and times for the first episode of House of the Dragon for all major time zones.

  • USA – 6 pm PT, Aug. 21.
  • USA – 9 pm ET, Aug. 21.
  • Canada – 9 pm ET, Aug. 21.
  • Latin America – 9 pm Brazil Standard Time, Aug. 21.
  • UK – 2 am BST, Aug. 22
  • Portugal – 2 am Aug. 22.
  • Spain – 3 am CET, Aug. 22.
  • Italy – 3 am CET, Aug 22.
  • Scandinavia – 3 am CET, Aug. 22.
  • Germany and Austria – 3 am CET, Aug. 22.
  • Switzerland – 3 am CET, Aug. 22.
  • Israel – 4 am, Aug. 22.
  • Middle East – 5 am Dubai Time, Aug. 22.
  • Japan – 10 am, Aug. 22.
  • Singapore – 9 am., Aug. 22.
  • Australia – 11 am AEST, Aug 22.
  • New Zealand – 1 pm., Aug 22.

How to Watch House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is an HBO production, therefore in most countries and regions, it will air on HBO Max. However, in some other regions, other networks might have bought rights for airing the show. Thus, the best way to find out how and where to watch House of the Dragon is to contact your local cable provider and ask them which TV channel will air the show in your country. Below, you will find networks which will air the show in selected regions:

  • USA – HBO
  • USA – HBO Max
  • Canada – Crave
  • Latin America – 9 pm, Aug. 21.
  • UK – 2 am, Aug. 22
  • Portugal – HBO Max
  • Spain – HBO Max
  • Italy – Sky Italy
  • Scandinavia – HBO Max
  • Germany and Austria – Sky Germany
  • Switzerland – RTS
  • Israel – Cellcom
  • Middle East – OSN
  • Japan – U-NEXT
  • Singapore – HBO Asia
  • Australia – Foxtel/Binge
  • New Zealand – Sky SoHo
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