How to Get Killua in AUT - A Universal Time Roblox

If you are wondering how to get Killua form in Roblox A Universal Time, then doing it in AUT is possible. This stand has several cool abilities that are still in development. However, this does involve finding the man himself and completing a set of repetitive tasks. Some of these can be quite tricky. Read on as we discuss how to get Killua in AUT – A Universal Time Roblox.

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How to Get Killua in AUT - A Universal Time Roblox
How to Get Killua in AUT – A Universal Time Roblox

The task starts by finding Killua himself. From the spawn point, turn right and head toward the beach. Turn right onto the sand and carry on. He should be hanging out at the beach, close to a rainbow-colored umbrella.

He has electricity around his body and a shock of white hair. Killua will ask if you wish to be a successor of his assassin tradition, to which you should answer yes. He then questions you and asks if you have the mental capacity. After this he will set his array of tasks.

AUT How to Get Killua

AUT How to Get Killua

Killua does make it easy to get his form in A Universal Time, but it requires patience. You must complete the following tasks.

Endure the Way of the Yakuza involves taking a large amount of damage while making sure your dummy survives. Use the H key when you are standless and formless. This can only take part when your health bar is low and has turned to red. It may help to set an auto clicker to help you reach the 777 hits required.

Inflicting 7,777 damage can be completed by fighting players and dummies. It is simple, but once again could take some time to complete. The task of dashing 77 times involves using the C key over and over again.

Taking 7,777 damage is best done by standing near a dummy. Let it hit you, then move away when the required damage gets reached. Using 7 arrows involves purchasing them from the shop, or getting them from the chest and the meteor.

Slightly more tough is using brawler’s instinct 77 times. For this, you must use the V skill, though it can only be done when standless. Try this against a dummy that may attack back.

Roblox Killua Abilities

This should allow you access to all the abilities that Killua brings in Roblox A Universal Time. However, it is worth noting that they are still in development and could change. Check back and we will keep you updated on them as and when they happen.

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