How Long Is Downtime for Fortnite Update 19.10

If you are wondering “How long is downtime for Fortnite Update 19.10?” then we have great news. It won’t last long, so you can begin playing the update soon. This is set to be a big event with new locations, returning ones, and a host of new features. Downtime will apply to all platforms. Read on as we tell you how long Fortnite will be offline in the run-up to the 19.10 update.

How Long Is Downtime for Fortnite Update 19.10
How Long Is Downtime for Fortnite Update 19.10

How Long Will Fortnite Downtime Be for Update 19.10

Fortnite 19.10 has been brewing for around about a month now. While everyone is getting excited about the new update, it does mean that server downtime will occur. Developers’ epic announced that they were disabling matchmaking in preparation at 9:30 on January 18th, GMT time.

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Times that were originally announced seem to be running a little behind. The downtime schedule said it would start at 9 am GMT time, 4 am ET, with an estimated release of around two hours later. This means you can expect the game to be back online and available sometime after 11:30 am GMT time. Once over, you will need to download the update file. It is not a hotfix update.

Don’t be surprised if the update takes longer than this. There has been a host of new features announced, making this a big one. One of the main attractions is the return of Tilted Towers. Previously, this had been stuck under ice and snow. A host of new NPCs will also become available, including Mary Jane from the Spiderman franchise. Butter Cake dinosaurs are also set to appear on the map.

As well as adding new content, a host of bugs and errors will also be fixed. This will be across platforms, including fixing specific console problems like the density of the storm on Switch. Fortnite is available on all current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Downtime will apply to all formats.

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