Into The Breach Launches Tomorrow, Has a New Trailer

Into the Breach, the mech tactics game from the creators of FTL, is going to be released tomorrow. A bunch of hungry eyes are on Subset Games, and their first project since FTL’s immense success. The reviews have started pouring in, and they’re nothing but praise. The team have released a launch trailer, showing off some more of the game’s crisy pixel art, cutesy mechs and adorable little insects trying to wipe out the Earth’s population.

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into the breach launch trailer
Into The Breach Launches Tomorrow, Has a New Trailer

It’s The Future, and humanity is all but extinct. Giant bugs from the depts of our planet have surfaced, laying waste to anything in their path. You come from an Even Further Future, and have to travel back in time into the regular Future, so you can defend the denizens of Earth from the nasties. When you’re defeated (and you will be defeated, lots and lots of times), you just flip a switch and send another team of time travellers into the fray.

The game will always show you what the enemies’ next turn will look like, so you can plan ahead with certainty. The problem is that you’ll be vastly outnumbered, and the creepy crawlies will also be targeting civilian buildings. You’ll have to protect these, not because you’re the Earth’s noble savior, but because those same buildings provide power for your mechs. No buildings, no juice.

The mechs are highly customizable – you can install new weapons adn gadgets as you discover them, but also choose from various pilots, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

As a bonus, here’s a video of Tom Francis, creator of Gunpoint and Heat Signature, playing the game for an hour and a half. That should tide you over.

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