Jump Force Update Patch Notes 2.06

The developers of Jump Force have released a new update for the game, 2.06, as well as the patch notes for it. They really don’t reveal much of what the patch does; in fact, it’s just like two lines. However, what it does under the hood is the actual meat of the update. So, let’s discuss the Jump Force update patch notes 2.06 in more detail, shall we?

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jump force update patch notes 2 06
Jump Force Update Patch Notes 2.06

Jump Force Patch Notes 2.06 Update

The patch notes for Jump Force Update 2.06 are incredibly brief, as we’ve already said. What they don’t appear to mention is that the main purpose of the patch is to lay the groundwork for the upcoming DLC fighter, Giorno Giovanna. The new character is dropping on April 9th for those that own the season pass, and April 13th for the “regular folk.” If you have the Character Pass 2, Giorno will cost you $4, while others will have to cash out $18. I am still fascinated by how extortionary the monetizing system is in Jump Force, but that’s a different matter.

Since the patch notes are so brief, we’re going to show you both the latest and the previous ones. In case you missed the update before 2.06, we can get you up to speed. Here we go.

  • Jump Force Update 2.06
    • Added missions at Mission Counter.
    • Improved game stability.
  • Jump Force Update 2.05
    • Added missions at the Mission Counter.
    • Added new stage “Los Angeles”.
    • Adjusted battle part
    • Improved game stability.

That’s basically all there is to the Jump Force update 2.06 patch notes. Again, it’s relatively minor stuff on the surface; paving the way for Giorno Giovanna under the hood is really the biggest real change it introduces. Incidentally, for those of you that aren’t playing Jump Force but haven’t yet bought it, you can get it on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can also play it on new-gen consoles via backwards compatibility.

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