Kingdom Hearts 3 to Have Over 80 Hours of Content

It seems that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be a very massive game, at least as far as the pure amount of content goes. Apparently, the game will offer over eighty hours of gameplay, if you complete side content. Even the main story is pretty large, standing at about forty or fifty hours.

Kingdom Hearts 3 to Have Over 80 Hours of Content
Kingdom Hearts 3 to Have Over 80 Hours of Content

Fans of Kingdom Hearts have been waiting for so very long for the new main installment of the franchise to come out. The wait is almost over, because Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out some time next year. But, will the game be worth the wait? Is it going to meet the astronomical expectations that have built up over the years? Well, that’s something we’ll have to wait and see. And, of course, every person is going to have their own impression. But, when it comes to the sheer amount of content, it seems that the game is going to deliver.

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According to, who have had some hands-on time with the game, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to have over eighty hours of content. That’s if you want to complete all of the side content, such as additional missions, minigames, and so on. If you just crunch through the main story, you’ll still get somewhere between forty and fifty hours of stuff to do. So, yeah, it seems that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be absolutely massive. There’ll be many different worlds to explore, too, so it’s not likely that the content is going to become repetitive.

As for the side content and minigames, they sound pretty fun, too. The article from Geek mentions, for example, includes scouring several worlds to find ingredients to play a cooking game with Remy from Ratatouille. There are also twenty “old-school Tiger Toys/Game & Watch style 2D side scrolling games,” all of which are based on old Mickey cartoons from the thirties and forties.

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