Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Trailer Released at Tokyo Game Show

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been released at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. A large chunk of the trailer shows off the world of Big Hero 6, showing Sora riding on the back of Baymax through San Fransokyo, fighting robots with Donald, Goofy, and the rest of the Big Hero 6. It also features the worlds of Frozen, Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Trailer Released at Tokyo Game Show
Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Trailer Released at Tokyo Game Show

One of the many delights of Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be exploring the worlds of newer Disney movies. We’ve already seen a lot of the Toy Story gameplay, so it’s tome to see more. The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 shows off more of how the Big Hero 6 world is going to work, as well as a few others, such as Pirates of the Caribbean. You can watch the trailer below; the audio is in Japanese, but you can turn on closed captions for English subtitles. Oh, we also get to see glimpses of Frozen and Tangled, as well as some emotional turmoil in our heroes, as well as the villains. Things are looking great, I gotta say.

It seems to me like the Big Hero 6 world works hard to instill the message of the movie itself, about family and learning about moving on after tragedy. But, forget that, we can run up buildings and ride on Baymax while battling bad guys with the rest of the Big Hero 6 gang and exploring San Fransokyo! The video also shows our heroes battling the Kraken on the Black Pearl in the Pirates world. The Kraken also seems to be a Summon of some kind, which is pretty fun in and off itself.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out on January 25th in Japan, and January 19th worldwide. Initially, it’ll launch only on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC version, and maybe even a Nintendo Switch port, could be on the way later on. This is not a guarantee, though; it’s just something the devs will consider after launch, but we can all hope.

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