Lego Fortnite Matchmaking Error Fix

Stuck in LEGO Fortnite Matchmaking Error? Don’t worry, it’s not you! And you are not the only one! This error message is popping up because a ton of players are trying to jump in at once, making the servers at Epic Games a little overloaded.

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Lego Fortnite Matchmaking Error Fix

How to Fix Lego Fortnite Matchmaking Error

You can get different messages: Matchmaking error #1 or Matchmaking Error #3, with the text that’s something’s up with matchmaking so the developers are turning it off and back on again. This means the servers are super crowded, like a packed party with everyone trying to get in at once. Unfortunately, it’s just a waiting game right now. There’s nothing you can do on your computer, game, or internet connection to fix it. You just have to wait until the LEGO Fortnite servers have enough room for you to join the fun.

You can check the Epic Status page for updates. Once the issue is recognized and fixed, they’ll let everyone know.Hang tight, and soon you’ll be building and battling alongside your friends in LEGO Fortnite!

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