Little Kitty, Big City, Animal Well & Hades 2 Success Gives me Hope

Among all the terrible news coming from the triple A space, the layoffs, studio closures and derivative slop the industry has been serving, three indie games have been doing great. Each in their own way, of course. Their respective successes are a beacon of light in a medium that seems to be careening to a brand new bubble burst that might just rival the crash of 1983. It goes to show that, no matter what happens to what is considered to be the top echelon, there will always be passionate people ready to create and produce good games.

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little kitty big city animal well & hades 2 success gives me hope
Little Kitty, Big City, Animal Well & Hades 2 Success Gives me Hope

Indie Darlings Hades 2, Animal Well and Little Kitty, Big City are Crushing It

Hades 2 has reached over a hundred thousand concurrent players in its first twenty-four hours, blowing the first game out of the water. It’s currently sitting in fourth place of Steam’s top sellers, just under Counter-Strike 2, PUBG and the Steam Deck. Animal Well is sixteenth after not even a week, which is beyond impressive for Bigmode’s first major Steam launch. But more importantly, it shows that Dunkey’s publishing policy and philosophy of putting the developer first absolutely works. Little Kitty, Big City has just hit a hundred thousand copies sold in just five days. Again, impressive feat for the studio’s first release.

I could not be happier that this trio has been doing this well. And I urge you to support all three, if you haven’t already. Hades 2 is a marvelous sequel that changes just enough to keep things fresh, yet familiar. I like it even more than the original, which I really didn’t expect. I haven’t put much time into Animal Well just yet, but it’s definitely been a moment since a game’s eerie atmosphere has drawn me in this much. And Little Kitty, Big City is just a plain fun romp. But perhaps more importantly, you should play these games to help the indie scene stay established in very shaky times.

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