Man of Medan and a second free Friend’s Pass

If you are already a fan and a player of Man of Medan, you can now receive a second free Friend’s Pass. That will enable you to play the game with a friend who doesn’t own the game and the two of you will be able to play together online. As you will become a team, Man of Medan will become a full playthrough experience through the Multiplayer Shared Story mode.

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Plunge once again into the realm of The Dark Picture Anthology! Not only that it will be a fun experience but you will also get to do it with a friend. Stay tuned as more information on the second game in the series, Little Hope is coming your way.

You and your friend will be able to use the second free Friend’s Pass until May 1st on PlayStation®4, Xbox and PC. The only condition is that both of you have to use the same platform.

How can your Man of Medan companion join you?

  1. Your friend has to download the Trial version of Man of Medan.
  2. Get ready to receive the Friend’s Pass via a patch.

For more information on how to receive the Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Friend’s Pass, just watch this instructional video:

If you are not into instructional videos, you may find out more about the Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Friend’s Pass here:

Man of Medan and a second free Friend's Pass
Man of Medan and a second free Friend’s Pass
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