MediEvil Remake Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Off More Gameplay

With the remake of MediEvil just two months and some change away, we got another glance at the gameplay. Enter the new behind-the-scenes video, which features the aforementioned gameplay, as well as some thoughts from the developers. In the gameplay, among other things, we see the Hall of Heroes, several other areas we’ll visit, and even the boss battle against the Stained Glass Demon.

MediEvil Remake Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Off More Gameplay
MediEvil Remake Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Off More Gameplay

The behind-the-scenes video on the MediEvil remake, which you can check out below, is a fun little ride. Not only do we get to see more of the game in action, but also get a peek into the creative process of Other Ocean, the studio behind the remake. When it comes to the gameplay itself, we get to see several of the worlds we’ll be visiting, including the fabled Hall of Heroes. We also see Sir Daniel battle zombies, goblins, and other creatures. The highlight for me was seeing the revamped version of one of the bosses, the Stained Glass Demon, which is one of my favorite bosses of all time.

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As for the interview with the developers, it really eased my mind. It seems that these are people that love the original game, and they really know what their doing. I love the mindset that they’re not just recreating the game; they’re recreating our memories of the game. That’s an aspect of making a remake that often falls by the wayside. I’m glad that they’re keeping an eye open there, too.

The remake of MediEvil is coming out on October 25th, presumably as a permanent PlayStation 4 exclusive. That’s when the new CoD and Outer Worlds is coming out, so that’s fun. It’s going to cost $30, and you can already pre-order it on the PlayStation Store. You can also get yourself the Digital Deluxe Edition for $40. It comes with the full game download, a digital artbook, the game’s soundtrack, a dynamic theme, a digital comic book, and the “Super Armor” in-game armor set. In my opinion, the soundtrack alone is worth the extra ten bucks.

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