Metal Hellsinger VR Version Announced

Did you enjoy Metal: Hellsinger, stomping out demons to the rhythm of searing metal songs, but just wished that the frenetic action could be right in front of your eyes? Well, highly specific reader, you are in luck! The developers have announced that they’re making a VR version of the game, set to come out at some point in 2024. No exact release date nor window just yet. We do know that it will be available on Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro, PSVR2 and Steam VR.

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metal hellsinger vr version announced
Metal Hellsinger VR Version Announced

Get Down With the (Motion) Sickness

So, what can you expect from Metal: Hellsinger VR? Well, according to the Steam post, it’ll contain everything you’ve loved in the regular version: “he full award-winning soundtrack performed by your favorite metal legends, and the entire campaign.” Also, Archdevil difficulty, Torment Challenges, and Beast Assist Mode. Naturally, all of these will be retooled to VR. They will apparently also do away with the majority of menus for optimal immersion. That said, the trailer (which you can see below) does also show additional UI elements that will help you navigate and aim.

And speaking of navigation and aiming, the post says you’ll be able to play by physically moving around yourself, using the joystick, standing, and even seated. And they also provide a helpful PSA: do try not to headbang too viciously, lest you send your expensive headset careening to its doom in the corner of your gaming space. That’s basically all we know about Metal: Hellsinger VR at the moment. I’m sure we’ll find out more as the release date draws nearer, whenever that might be. For now, you can check out the trailer and see what the game will look like. Speaking for myself, I’ll probably skip it, because the only thing projectile about me playing VR is vomit. But I can acknowledge that the experience looks awesome.

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