Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Minas Ithil Gameplay Video

There’s a new gameplay video for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The video is up on IGN’s YouTube channel, and it showcases some of the action that happens in Minas Ithil. We get to see snippets of the Gondorian city under siege, and the way Talion and Celebrimbor deal with the situation.

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Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Minas Ithil Gameplay Video
Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Minas Ithil Gameplay Video

A new Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay video is up on the IGN YouTube channel. It shows a few minutes of gameplay footage in the open-world city of Minas Ithil. The orcs have laid siege on the Gondorian city, and the dynamic duo of Talion and Celebrimbor decide to intervene. Their task is to take out an orc captain, both to give the Gondorians some time, and because they believe it will help them on their search for a Palanthir.

You can check out the video below.

The first thing we see is gathering info from one of the enemy Worms in order to find the orc commander. According to the video, the new Nemesis system in the game means that the commander will be different for everybody.

The other interesting aspect of Minas Ithil is the urban environment, meaning that there’s a lot of vertical, Assassin’s Creed-like movement to reach your target. Another thing you can use the is the spirit world in order to find your target, as well as their weaknesses and strengths.

We also get to see a fairly large battle scene, with our protagonist fighting side by side with Gondorians. The combat is pretty standard Arkham-like fare. Nothing to write home about, but it does always seem exciting. Finally, the video lists some other stuff available in the huge game, such as arena fights and mounting siege beasts and turning them on the enemies.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is coming out on August 22nd in North America and August 25th in Europe. It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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