Monument Valley 2 Stealthily Released on iOS, Has Stunning Trailer

You know how games have long, drawn-out marketing campaigns that last forever, releasing a single screenshot here, a piece of concept art there? Then they follow up with 3-second teasers, announcements of announcements and such? Well, Ustwo Games did none of that. Instead they just released Monument Valley 2 without any fanfare. You’d be forgiven for not knowing a sequel to their immensely satisfying mobile game was in the works – they’ve hardly advertised it at all. And now it’s out. And you can buy it.

monument valley 2 launch trailer
Monument Valley 2

Sadly, it’s only on iOS for now, but the Android version shouldn’t be too far behind. That’s how the first game started out as well, so don’t lose hope. It’s being sold for $5, which seems to be the upper limit for mobile games these days. It looks as stunning as its predecessor, and it’s a new story set in the same universe. The devs say you don’t need to play the first game in order to follow the events of the second one – but you should, it’s grand.

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The story follows Ro, the protagonist of the previous one, now a grown woman with a child of her own. Your task is to lead her across levels of shifting architecture as she teaches the little one the ways of their strange world. It seems to be the exact same kind of easy-going affair with light optical illusion puzzles, which might make the thing a bit stale if it weren’t for the absolutely breathtaking art style and delicious music.

The only questions now are when is it coming to Android and why isn’t it coming sooner? The answer to the first one is – probably very soon, maybe? There’s no official word, but it shouldn’t take more than a few months. The devs have already revealed they earn more from Apple users, so it all makes sense.

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