My Friend Pedro Sells 250,000 Copies in First Week on PC & Switch

Devlover Digital has joined forces with developer DeadToast Entertainment to bring us My Friend Pedro. It’s a fast-paced 2D shooter, with bullet time and a highly eighties aesthetic. The reception of the game is highly positive, and the sales of 250,000 copies in one week reflect that.

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My Friend Pedro Sells 250,000 Copies in First Week on PC & Switch
My Friend Pedro Sells 250,000 Copies in First Week on PC & Switch

My Friend Pedro, the stylish side-scrolling-shooter, launched on Steam and the Switch on June 20th. The reviews are rave, both from gaming critics and the general public in general; and, you know what, the game absolutely deserved it. And, the sales are reflecting the great reception. According to the Devolver Digital Twitter (Devolver acting as publisher), the game has sold 250,000 copies in its first week. Not bad at all for a small indie title made pretty much exclusively by a single person, as an evolution of a flash game they made about half a decade ago.

And, as I’ve said above, My Friend Pedro definitely deserves all the praise that it’s getting. The gameplay is intense and fast-paced, and is basically a mix of Max Payne and John Wick. Add a few layers of eighties neon sheen, a banana that talks to you, and a thumping synthwave soundtrack, and you have me forever. All the other gameplay features, such as firing separately with dual weapons and such, is just further icing on the cake. I love this game.

And yes, I admit, I’m writing this article because I want even more of you to play it. It’s an absolute blast to play (if clunky at times), and the style and music are beyond awesome. True, the only replay value is if you want to chase the highest scores. However, at the game’s price of about $20, you’ll get your money’s worth even if you just play through the story a few times. Check out the trailer below if you need further convincing.

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