Naraka Bladepoint PS5 & Free To Play Release Date

When is Naraka Bladepoint releasing on the PlayStation 5? Two years after its release, the mega-popular melee-focused battle royale will switch its monetization model to F2P alongside the game’s launch on the PS5. Read on to learn when Naraka will go free to play and what exactly this change means.

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Naraka Bladepoint PS5 & Free To Play Release Date
Naraka Bladepoint PS5 & Free To Play Release Date

Naraka Bladepoint Free-To-Play Release Date

So, when will Naraka go free to play and what exactly does this change mean? Released in August of 2021, Naraka Bladepoint has quickly become a very popular competitive battle royale. This is due to the game’s unique focus on melee combat, something no other battle royale has done before. This was not only novel but also really well implemented, resulting in engaging, exciting, and challenging gameplay. The game has maintained a consistently high number of players over the last two years, regularly being among the top 20 most-played games on Steam. And now, it is time for a free-to-play transition. Naraka Bladepoint will become a F2P game on Thursday, July 13th, 2023. If you already own the game, you are eligible to receive rewards based on the edition you’ve purchased:

  • Gold based on the edition you have purchased – 1960 Gold for Standard Edition, 3360 Gold for Deluxe Edition, and 4960 Gold for Ultimate Edition
  • An Exclusive Avatar
  • 10 Seasonal Chests
  • A Legendary Weapon Skin
  • Soul Bloom-themed Legendary Viper Ning Skin
  • Naraka Bladepoint PS5 Release Date

    In parallel with the transition to the free-to-play model, the game will also become available on another platform. Namely, Naraka Bladepoint will release on the PS5 on Thursday, July 13th, 2023. Unfortunately, the game is not set to launch on PS4, only on PS5. Everyone on PS5 will receive a Katana skin, a Ryuzan·Frost Reflection, and 2 Immortal Treasures. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you will also receive more free items. This includes 5 more Treasures, an exclusive Headwear designed just for PS Plus members, and more rewards. For more information about the PS5 release, check out the official blog post on the PlayStation website.

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