NBA 2k22 Crashing Fix

This week saw the anticipated arrival of NBA 2K22, accompanied by a crashing bug that needs an immediate fix. Only occurring on Xbox Series X/S, this is somewhat frustrating for the console owners. For such a popular franchise released on a next-generation console, it is not what many would expect. To date, there is only one potential way to solve it. Read on as we give you the NBA 2k22 crashing fix.

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NBA 2k22 Crashing Fix
NBA 2k22 Crashing Fix

As soon as you open a game, you may find it shuts down immediately. The main problem seems to be the menu making the game close, so any avoidance of this will keep the game going. Youtuber Nvad seems to be the only one who has worked out a solution so far. By mashing upward on the D-pad, you can circumvent the menu screen when your game loads. This puts you straight to the map and lets you play. 

There are a few other tricks that may help. Firstly, check the Xbox Series X/S has the latest software update. You should then also ensure the latest patch from NBA 2k22 is installed. This is despite the fact that at the time of writing, the game still crashes on many consoles with this. Follow this with the standard moves of checking internet connections, power cycling, and restarting the console.

Finally, try deleting local save files and using the cloud. Press the Xbox button on the controller. Select My Games and Apps. Choose the NBA 2k22 file, then go to manage a game, saved data, and delete all. Local data will erase, and you can then resync with the cloud.

If this still does not work, then it is time to sit and wait. The NBA 2k22 team should already be working on a fix to stop this immediately. Check back here for updates and any more solutions as they become available.

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  1. B

    Why is My2k22 scan app is not show up on my phone app n y is not working and if is what can I do to fix it please help

    1. J
      Justin Avery

      The app hasn’t been released yet we just need to wait I guess

  2. K
    Kevin Honeycutt

    I just bought the PlayStation 5 digital Edition about a week ago from a third-party through Walmart. I purchase the new NBA2K 22 and when I’m playing the game or in the park mainly
    it keeps crashing on me and giving me error codes and kicking me out of the game back to the home screen I’ve uninstalled and then reinstall the game and I’m still having issues with the game I don’t know if it’s the game or the PlayStation 5

    1. R
      Randall Satterwhite

      Finally a nba 2k that is not trash but…………. so frustated with this game kicking me out and handing me losses even though it says tye game will not be conuted lmao. Official done with 2k.

    2. D
      Damond Streety

      I’m having the same problem..

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