New Avatar Game by Massive Entertainment Announced

A new Avatar game is under way. It will be developed by Massive Entertainment, a Ubisoft studio, together with James Cameron’s Lightstorm and the Fox Interactive team. The announcement trailer you can see at the official Ubisoft UK Youtube channel does not contain actual gameplay.

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James Cameron, director, writer and producer at Lightstorm Entertainment, says curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. He feels certain that Massive Entertainment, with their Snowdrop engine, the teams passion and focus on details, is the right group of people to bring the beauty and danger of Pandora to life.

David Polfeldt, the Managing Director at Massive Entertainment, expressed his thoughts about the wonderful word of Pandora. He feels it’s so fleshed out that it seems like a real place, which makes people want to visit it.

Magnus Jansen, Creative Director at Massive Entertainment feels the game should deliver on the promise that made Pandora so real. The insane attention to detail that made Pandora feel real is something they will insist on here as well. Ditte Deenfeldt, Associate Creative Director at Massive Entertainment, mentioned that players will choose how they will experience this beautiful game, which might be a hint about it possibly being an open world game.

This is not the first Avatar game out there. The first one was called James Cameron’s Avatar: The game, and was developed by another Ubisoft studio, also with the help of Lightning Entertainment. It was released in late 2009. It is a single player, third-person, action-adventure shooter. Unfortunately, it received terrible scores, although it didn’t sell all that bad.

We hope the new title will have a brighter future. Massive Entertainment, who is famous for its work on The Division, is definitely up the task. The beauty of the New York they’ve created can’t be denied, although the game has had some other problems.

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