New Lords of the Fallen Update Lets You Turn It Into a Roguelite

The new update for Lords of the Fallen, called Update 1.5 or Master of Fate, is now out. It brings a lot of new stuff to the game, including new spells, projectiles, armor sets and weapons, significant fixes and re-balances, and much more. But the biggest draw, I’d say, are the advanced gameplay modifier options. These, if turned on, will radically change your experience. From loot that comes pre-upgraded to death forcing you to go back to the beginning. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

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new lords of the fallen update lets you turn it into a roguelite
New Lords of the Fallen Update Lets You Turn It Into a Roguelite

Lords of the Fallen Update 1.5 Master of Fate Spices Things Up

So, let’s first cover the aforementioned advanced gameplay modifier options. Most of these are for you true hardcore people that want to make the game even more difficult. To activate them, start a new game and be sure to enable Advanced Game Modifiers on the final screen of the character creation. If you already have a save, select Restart Game at any Vestige and enable Advanced Game Modifiers from there. Be advised that this will begin a whole new playthrough. These are the options you can mess with:

  • Ironman – Dying sends you back to the beginning of the game, all world progress is reset, but you keep player progression and inventory.
  • Pre-Upgraded Loot – Weapons, shields and catalysts found as loot from enemies, or in the world, come pre-upgraded based on your player level.
  • Randomized Loot – All loot obtained from enemies or in the world are completely random, excluding quest and progression items and unique boss items.
  • Randomized Enemies – Enemies appear in a random order, excluding named bosses.
  • More Enemies – Pretty self-explanatory; you have to fight way more enemies than usual.
  • Withered Healing – All healing you get is Withered Healing, meaning you must confirm it by dealing damage to enemies.
  • Vestige Decay
    • No Vestige Decay – All rest spots remain available.
    • Minor Vestige Decay – Some Vestiges have withered away, leaving you with fewer rest spots.
    • Extensive Vestige Decay – Many Vestiges have rotted away; you have to go long stretches without resting.
    • Tremendous Vestige Decay – Almost all Vestiges have withered, except for a select few.

Those are only some of the new things the update introduces, there’s a ton more. I recommend reading the full patch notes right here. Or take a look at the video below to hear from the devs directly.

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