Nintendo Switch Accessories and Their Prices

The hype for Nintendo Switch is higher than ever after the live stream. We finally know more about the new console, including its release date, price and other details. Additionally, we now know more about various accessories for the Switch. These include the Switch Pro controller, The Joy-Con wheel, additional Joy-Con controllers and Switch docks, and more. These are the accessories for Nintendo Switch and how much they cost.

Nintendo Switch Accessories and Their Prices
Nintendo Switch Accessories and Their Prices

To refresh your memory, the Nintendo Switch costs $299. Included in the package are the console, one Switch dock, two Joy-con controllers and straps for them, one Joy-Con Grip, an AC adapter and an HDMI cable. For more details about the console itself, check out our article about the Nintendo Switch release date and price.

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List of Nintendo Switch Accessories

These accessories and their prices are listed according to Nintendo’s official website. Trigger warning: they’re pretty pricey.

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    The Switch Pro controller is basically a standard-shaped joypad. It includes “motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more”. The price of the Pro Controller is $69.99.
  • Joy-Con Controllers
    A pair of Joy-Cons costs $79.99. They come in standard gray, neon blue, neon red, or a blue and red combo.
  • Joy-Con (L)/Joy-Con (R)
    If you want to buy Joy-Cons individually, you’ll have to shell out $49.99 for each. Your call on what you think is best to get – individual controllers or a pair.
  • Joy-Con Charging Grip
    This grip, as you’d expect, serves to combine two Joy-Con controllers into a larger, easier to use controller. Additionally, it charges your Joy-Cons while you play. It costs $29.99.
  • Nintendo Switch Dock Set
    Want to have more than one dock, so that you could connect one to each TV and just slot the console into whichever one you please? That’ll cost you $89.99. The “bundle” includes a Nintendo Switch Dock, a Switch AC adapter, and an HDMI cable. I love how the website lets you know that “one of each of these items are included with each Nintendo Switch system”. Yeah, thanks, I never would’ve guessed.
  • Joy-Con Wheel (Set of 2)
    This is basically a wheel to slot your Joy-Con into. The website boasts that you’ll “feel like you’re behind the wheel in your favorite racing game”. It’s your standard wheel accessory, basically. The pair costs $14.99

Third-party accessories for Nintendo Switch

Interestingly, third-part accessories started popping up already, it seems, even before the live stream. If you check out the video below, you’ll see an example of that.

As you can see, these are docks for individual Joy-Cons, and they cost 14,99 euros. I checked the website out, and it includes a lot of licensed merchandise as well. The comments on the video don’t have many good things to say about the website, so exercise caution.

So, what are your thoughts on the accessories for the Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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