Nintendo Switch Getting Hello Neighbor & More Tiny Build Games

Several more indie games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. These include Hello Neighbor, The Final Station, Street of Rogue, Party Hard, ClusterTruck, and Punch Club. They will be coming out incrementally as the year goes on. The priciest of them will be Hello Neighbor, while the others will be significantly less pricey.

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Nintendo Switch Getting Hello Neighbor & More Tiny Build Games
Nintendo Switch Getting Hello Neighbor & More Tiny Build Games

Nintendo is keeping up with making Switch the console home of indie games. In a new announcement from Tiny Build and Dynamic Pixels, we’ve learned that several more indie games will come to the Switch. Probably the biggest name out of the bunch is Hello Neighbor. It was probably the most hyped horror release at the time. Unfortunately, once it came out, it ended up being quite the disappointment.

As for the other games coming out on the Switch in the future, one of them will be The Final Station. It’s a side-scrolling adventure game that’s heavy on story, set in a post-apocalypse. Then, there’s ClusterTruck, which is an insane platformer where you jump on trucks towards the finish line in increasingly ridiculous scenarios. Next on the list is Punch Club, an old-school fighting game. Party Hard is a funny and gory stealth game where you have to destroy a loud party. Lastly, Streets of Rogue, which is “the worlds only shooter, RPG, action, roguelike, stealth brawler.” Nuff said.

So far, we don’t know the exact release dates of the games. The Final Station is coming out for the Switch in February, ClusterTruck in March, Punch Club in May, Party Hard some time in the Summer, and Street of Rogue and Hello Neighbor some time in 2018. We do know their prices, though. Hello Neighbor will be going for $39.99. The rest of the games will cost you $14.99 a pop.

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