Nintendo Switch Lite, the Dedicated Handheld Version, Announced

Nintendo has revealed a smaller, cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch, called Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s going to be missing some features, such as the detachable controllers and the TV dock. On the other hand, it’ll cost $200, and it’ll be even more of a handheld console. Exclusively handheld, in fact. Nintendo giveth, and Nintendo taketh away.

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Nintendo Switch Lite, the Dedicated Handheld Version, Announced
Nintendo Switch Lite, the Dedicated Handheld Version, Announced

Do you want to get a Nintendo Switch, buy it’s just not portable enough for you, and / or is to expensive for you? Well, then, you might want to look into the Nintendo Switch Lite, which Nintendo has just announced. It’s a smaller, even more portable version of its big brother. You’ll be able to purchase it starting September 20th for $200. The Switch Lite is going to come in three colors, grey, yellow, and turquoise, and you’ll also be able to purchase a carrying case and screen protector. Oh, and there will be a limited Zacian & Zamazenta edition of the console to promote Pokemon Sword and Shield (the actual games not included, mind you).

The Lite’s screen will be 5.5 inches, and the whole thing will weigh less than the big Switch. The controls are integrated into the unit, so no detachable controllers (but it does support them, if you purchase them separately, and you’ll have to for certain games). Also, there is no docked mode, aka TV mode for the Nintendo Switch Lite; it’s exclusively a handheld console. It will, however, support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so it’s got that going for it.

So, there you have it, folks; that’s the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s a cheaper version of the Switch, and it sacrifices much of its features, but is even more on the go, I guess. If you already own a Switch, I don’t really see why you’d get this one. On the other hand, if you don’t already have one, but want one for cheaper and don’t mind all the missing features, then you might wanna consider it. For more info, check out the official Switch Lite website.

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