Numbersup FIFA 22 - Adidas 99 Event

Numbersup is a brand new 99 event in FIFA 22, created in collaboration with Adidas. This will see players who are in the Adidas team get upgrades throughout FUT 22. The collaboration was first announced back in October when EA confirmed it via Twitch. However, the official start date has only recently been given. Read on as we give all the details on the Numbersup FIFA 22 Adidas 99 event.

Numbersup FIFA 22 - Adidas 99 Event
Numbersup FIFA 22 – Adidas 99 Event

The 99 refers to the stats the selected player will get. Throughout the season, the stat will increase gradually. This will carry on until the chosen stat hits 99 out of 99. This can make a huge difference to your team. So far, it is not known if the event will feature one or two teams of players.

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The only confirmed player so far is Borussia Dortmund’s Gio Reyna. The promo video suggested he may have pace as his chosen stat. This would make him one of the most lightning quick players in the game. Although not confirmed, you can expect a host of athletes from the Adidas team to join him. This could be Lazio’s Ciro Immobile, Leicester’s Jamie Vardy and Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.

A tweet from one of the content creators, @leandesign_, shed some light on the situation. They released an image of three new pairs of Adidas boots. Behind, the graphic of a number of players names and stats were visible. This suggests that as well as the players above, Joao Felix, Son Heung Min, Dele Alli and Jue Bellingham could also get an outing. Most stats centre around an increase in pace, dribbling and passing.

The start date is Friday, November 12th. It will begin at 18:00 GMT time, giving players the whole weekend to get in some serious pitch time. The event will last for two weeks.

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