Omegaland Released On Steam, May Be More To It Than Meets The Eye

Omegaland is a new platformer from Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, the creators of the Lands of Dreams games. It has been released on Steam a few days ago, and it’s a cutesy platformer set in the Flower Kingdom. However, knowing the pair’s previous projects, there’s probably more to it than meets the eye.

omegaland release

The story goes something like this: Princess Omega has locked herself out of her magical castle, by losing a magical set of magical keys, and you, you handsome locksmith, you’re the person to help her. Pretty straightforward, no? A cutesy metroidvania, in which you jump on creatures, collect coins and buy upgrades. Except, having prior knowledge of the work of one Joseph Kyrandes, you can clearly see the name is a reference to Alphaland, one of his earlier games. That one was all about constantly pulling an infinite supply of rugs from under you. You can play it on Newgrounds, to see if that’s your kind of thing.

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Obviously, we’re expecting things to take a turn for the ominous. One of the Steam reviews mentions “bone-brained communist propaganda”, but that would be kind of a disappointing turn for the ominous, if we’re honest.

There’s a 20% launch discount, making the three dollar game even cheaper for a short while. Grab it while supplies last. We’re going to give it a whirl and report back with our findings, if we’re lucky. At this point, the biggest twist would be if there was no twist. Like, if it was an actual cutesy platformer in which you collect coins and bop things on the head. If Omegaland is indeed a spiritual sequel to Alphaland, that would be quite a surprise. And while we’re at that, what happened to the other 20-something Greekalphabetlands between the two? That’s the real mystery here.

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