The Outer Worlds Won't Feature Companion Romance Quests

The Outer Worlds, the new brainchild of Obsidian, won’t give you the option to romance major NPCs that you can recruit to your party. An unusual choice in the current RPG climate, to be sure. Some people might be a bit upset to hear this. Keep in mind that The Outer Worlds probably won’t be an RPG on the scale of, say, Fallout: New Vegas. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna be worse, just different and relatively smaller in scope.

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The Outer Worlds Won't Feature Companion Romance Quests
The Outer Worlds Won’t Feature Companion Romance Quests

It has already been established that The Outer Worlds was going to have companions that you’ll be able to recruit for your cause. They might even leave you if you displease them in some way, apparently. So, the question on many a mind was – can I have sex with them? Well, it seems that the answer is “no,” according to Game Informer’s gameplay video. There will be companion missions that will strengthen your relationship with them, but no sex. Apparently, Obsidian simply wanted to concentrate their efforts on other aspects of the game.

Now, this info might come as a bit of a surprise to some, considering how commonplace romance quests with major NPCs that weave into the main plot have become in modern RPGs. It seems that The Outer Worlds overall is a project on a smaller scale than one might have come to expect from Obsidian. And, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, I’m looking forward to a more condensed experience. I’d have that over a sprawling open world made just for the sake of it any day. The amount of talent behind the wheel of The Outer Worlds makes makes me very confident that they know what they’re doing. I trust them. We just have to adjust our expectations. This isn’t gonna be the same scope as New Vegas. And that in no way means it’s gonna be any worse off for it.

You can check out the gameplay video from Game Informer below. The Outer Worlds is coming out some time in 2019, and you’ll be able to play it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. As far as I’m concerned, the launch date can’t come out soon enough. I’m way beyond pumped, and I hope the game lives up to the high expectations.

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  1. H

    This looks like the next step that Fallout should have taken. I personally don’t care much for romancing game companions as they don’t add to the overall quality of the story and at times feel forced. Based on what I’ve seen and read about what The Outer World’s has to offer, it doesn’t need that to be a powerful RPG.

    1. J

      Couldn’t agree with you more, my dude!

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