Outerverse NFT Token Scam Claims False Links to Freedom Games Real Crafting Title

An alarming NFT token scam has emerged, making false claims and links to a Freedom Games real crafting title named Outerverse. Developed by Tbjbu2 and Freedom, the authentic game is a building adventure title. An unknown third party is selling crypto-tokens known as $OUTERVERSE, hijacking their intellectual property. It has no affiliation to the game or its producers.

Outerverse NFT Token Scam Claims False Links to Freedom Games Real Crafting Title
Outerverse NFT Token Scam Claims False Links to Freedom Games Real Crafting Title

The fraudulent token has its own website that uses the game’s assets and trademarked name. It claims that Outerverse is a metaverse and decentralized platform. The aims are that it will connect traders and enable game tokens. It then goes on to make the false claims the coins can be used in the Outerverse ecosystem.

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NFT Outerverse Token Scam

The Director of Marketing for Freedom games, Bryan Herron, contacted Gosunoob in a press release. He stated “Freedom Games will continue to do everything within its power to protect the developers we support. Likewise, Freedom Games will always vigorously protect its copyright and trademarks, to safeguard our community to the best of our ability.”

Freedom Games themselves have taken the step of contacting the website hosting company. So far, the request to take down the page has fallen on deaf ears. Their legal team is looking into a number of solutions. Until this time, the only step Freedom Games can take to protect their fans is to spread the word about the Outerverse NFT token scam.

The official game launched on Steam and the Epic Games platform earlier this month. This is the only place you can get your hands on the original title. It has never had any NFT integration and neither have any other Freedom Games titles.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be the last time an intellectual property gets highjacked. A recent NFT token scam with false links to Netflix’s Squid game cost investors thousands. Marketing itself as a pay-to-play currency, the token could actually not be resold. Scammers made off with an estimated $2.48 million.

The Squid Token had a number of similarities to the Outerverse coin. Firstly, the website was littered with grammatical errors. Listed on decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, tokens here have no regulation. This is the same place that Outerverse will go once it launches.

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