Outlast 2 How Long To Beat - Average Playtime, Speedrun, 100%

Outlast 2 is going to be released tomorrow. It’s a survival horror game, and lots of players are asking how long it takes to beat it. We’ve decided to dig around and gather all the info we could on completion times – including speedruns, 100% runs and the average playtime. Read on to see how long is Outlast 2.

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outlast 2 how long to beat
Outlast 2 How Long to Beat

Outlast 2 Average Playtime

There are several clues we’ve used. First of all, the game’s achievements, which have recently popped up online. One of them requires you to beat the game in under 4 hours. This probably means you can finish it in that time without much fuss, if you know what to do. A proper speedrun will most likely cut down the time to 2-3 hours.

When it comes to the average playtime, we have some info from the developers themselves. In a Twitter conversation with some fans a year ago, they’ve said that the average playthrough of Outlast 2 will take about 20-30% longer than the first game. Since the first game took around 5 hours to beat, this means Outlast 2 should end after 6-7 hours. Take this with a grain of salt, though – they could just be modest, or managing expectations. The game aslo might have gotten bigger (or smaller) in the year between then and now. The IMDB page has a running time of 10 hours listed, but that could just be a placeholder.

If you’re a completionist, you’re probably looking at double the average. There are two kinds of collectibles in the game, according to the achievement list – files and recordings. There’s more than a hundred of them combined. Platinum trophy hunters should also consider the various achievements. There are those for beating the game on different difficulty settings, or with other special conditions applied, which will require you to finish it several times.

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