Overkill's Walking Dead Console Versions Postponed Indefinitely

The console versions of Overkill’s Walking Dead seem to be dead in the water. Starbreeze Studios have announced that they’re postponing the ports, but they’ve given no alternate launch window. Will they ever see the light of day? Considering the general state of things, it seems unlikely.

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Overkill's Walking Dead Console Versions Postponed Indefinitely
Overkill’s Walking Dead Console Versions Postponed Indefinitely

The curse of the Walking Dead video games strikes again. And it’s not like Overkill’s Walking Dead needed any more trouble. To say that it has had a rocky history would be quite the understatement. First announced way back in 2014, the game’s first launch date was set for 2016. Then it got delayed for a year. And again. Then for six months. In the end, Overkill’s Walking Dead came out for PC in November 2018. It received mixed reviews, and hardly anybody is playing it nowadays. That’s a death sentence for a game like this, seeing how it’s a multiplayer co-op shooter.

Now, the poor thing got yet another kick in the schnoz. The people behind the game, Starbreeze Studios, have announced that the console versions of their Walking Dead have been postponed. They provide no new release date, meaning that the ports are now in limbo for the foreseeable future. This is all the announcement says: “Starbreeze AB is currently evaluating and reviewing the performance of the game OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead on consoles. Starbreeze has decided to postpone the release date from its original February 2019 date, further information regarding the future release will be announced at a later date.”

To be honest, maybe it’s for the best. According to Polygon, Starbreeze have filed for bankruptcy protection, and they’ve laid off their chief executive. I don’t think the studio is in any shape to work on supporting this new version of the game. It’s unfortunate that the whole situation has developed the way it has, but that’s just how the dice rolls sometimes.

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