Overwatch Birthday Celebration Starts Off With Anniversary Video

Overwatch was released a year ago now, and Blizzard want to celebrate the occasion together with their players. They’re organizing an anniversary event that will go on until June 12th, with several new maps and a bunch of fresh items to obtain. They’ve published a video detailing all the fancy aditions.

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overwatch anniversary video
Overwatch Anniversary event skins

They’ve added three arena maps to the game – these are small battlegrounds meant for 3v3 matches. Necropolis is Ana’s personal hideout, a tomb complex with narrow strone corridors and several vantage points. Castillo is Sombra’s preferred hangout, an old fort overlooking Dorado’s Bay, with lots of stairs and tight corners. Black Forest is set in a forest village on the outskirts of Eichenwalde, and includes a battlefield littered with Bastion wreckages.

They’ve made 24 new emotes – one for each character – and they’re all some kind of dance. Twelve legendary skins have been added to the game, as well:

  • Bedouin (Farah)
  • Cyborg 76 (Soldier 76)
  • Cruiser (D.Va)
  • Grafitti (Tracer)
  • Cyberninja (Hanzo)
  • Beekeeper (Mei)
  • Cyberian (Zarya)
  • Dune Buggy (Bastion)
  • Sentai (Genji)
  • Oasis (Symmetra)
  • Jazzy (Lucio)

Of course, there’s also a new kind of loot box made specially for this event. The anniversary loot boxes can be bought from the store, naturally, but they’ll also drop during the event. You’ll even get one for free simply by logging in before the event is over. Each one is guaranteed to have at least one anniversary event item – this includes skins, emotes, highlight intros, sprays, victory poses, player icons and voice lines. The boxes will stop dropping (and being sold) after the celebration ends, so you have two weeks to get everything you want from the wealth of items on offer.

There’s also the matter of the free weekend, which takes place this week. It’s a great chance to try out the game if you haven’t already, and the anniversary content will be available to people on the free trial as well.

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