Paladins Open Beta Now Free on PlayStation 4, Gets Cinematic Trailer

The fantasy-themed team-based shooter Paladins is now in Open Beta, and you can get it completely free for the PS4. You can choose your character from a wide roster of zany fantasy characters, such as goblins in mecha-suits and knights with flamethrowers. The game already boasts 8.5 million registered players.

Paladins Open Beta now Free on PlayStation 4, Gets Cinematic Trailer
Paladins Open Beta now Free on PlayStation 4, Gets Cinematic Trailer

Looking for a new, colorful team-based online shooter? Well, you’re in luck. Paladins is now in Open Beta, and you can download and play it completely free on your PlayStation 4. Kinda like Overwatch, Paladins is a hero shooter; you pick your Champion between a number of kooky, humorous characters. There’s magical pistols, flamethrowers, and mecha-suits galore. However, what’s interesting about Paladins is its card-based loadout system. It allows you to customize your character and their abilities to adapt to your playstyle of choice.

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Paladins got a new cinematic trailer to celebrate the Open Beta. The video plays very much like an Ice Age short with Scrat the squirrel. It follows a goblin in a desperate hunt for a crystal that powers his mechsuit. The chase happens in the middle of a battle, so we get to see snippets of many other characters in action. You can check out the trailer below.

To entice you some more, this weekend will be a Double-Gold Weekend. It lasts until May 7th, and it gives you, well, double gold for playing the game. Now, the game is free, but you can buy the Founder’s Pack for $20. This unlocks all 24 Champions that are currently in the game, and you’ll also get some bonus goodies. More importantly, you’ll get every future Champion that gets added to the game. Forever. The first new character will apparently be Seris, Oracle of the Abyss. She’s a healer, and she should be arriving to Paladins in the next couple of weeks.

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