Path of Exile Coming to PS4 in December, Release Trailer Revealed

The release window for Path of Exile on the PlayStation 4 has been announced. The console port is going to come out some time in December, probably around the time when the expansion 3.5.0 is going to launch. Well, PS4 port, to be exact; the Xbox version has already been out for some time.

Path of Exile Coming to PS4 in December, Release Trailer Revealed
Path of Exile Coming to PS4 in December, Release Trailer Revealed

Path of Exile, the free-to-play dungeon crawler by Grinding Gear Games, is coming to the PlayStation 4 this year. Specifically, it’s coming out in December, most likely in early December. According to the announcement on the Path of Exile website, the developers are planning to release expansion 3.5.0 on December 7th. And, well, as they put it: “we plan to launch it on both console platforms in December also.” The announcement also promises further information on expansion 3.5.0 next week. Hopefully, we’ll also get the PS4 launch date soon, too.

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While we’re waiting for further details, you can check out the release trailer below. It gives you a pretty good idea about the game and what it has to offer. Like I said, Path of Exile is an isometric dungeon-crawly action-RPG kind of affair. You have seven character classes to choose from, with three subclasses each, and an enormous skill tree to unlock. There’s tons of monsters to fight and random loot drops to collect. You’ve also got gems that you can use to augment your abilities and complete your unique build; there’s also crafting and trading items, and you can “conquer the endgame” with up to five friends.

If you’re starting to think that this sounds a lot like Diablo, well, you’re very correct. It is quite a bit like Diablo. And, with the whole hullabaloo that Activision Blizzard has caused with the announcement of Diablo Immortal, well, you might want to give Path of Exile a whirl. It is free, after all. Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by Path of Exile.

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