Path of Exile Fall of Oriath Beta Goes Live, Gets Trailer

Oriath is in trouble, and she needs your help. You know, after she exiled you to zombiespiderland, where you’ve spent years trading the clothes of people you kill for scraps of paper and pieces of rock. Yeah, I don’t think so. I’m gonna stay here and munch on spider legs. On the other hand, Fall of Oriath is said to be the largest expansion Path of Exile ever got, so there’s that. The closed beta is now live, if you’re the more forgiving sort.

path of exile fall of oriath
Fall of Oriath beta

As if the irony of Oriath asking its outcasts for help weren’t enough, they need help against the slaves who got fed up with slaving and decided to start not-slaving. Sadly, the slaves are murdering the populace indiscriminately, women and childern alongside the Nazi Templars.

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It’s going to be a pretty hefty thing, spread across ten acts, each with its own areas, enemies and bosses. There will be new skill gems to acquire, unique items to collect and a new system of Pantheon powers you can equip and switch in towns. Because that whole skill web thing with a million abilities wasn’t flexible enough and you needed to customize your character further.

The closed beta includes acts one through seven, with the idea to add act eight at some point during the test. The final two acts will be released when the expansion goes live, which should happen at some point in July. The invites are being sent randomly in waves, but if you’re in a hurry and feeling generous, you can buy a supporter pack for $30 and get instant access, along with some fancy goodies. The game is free to play after all, and it’s the non-terrible kind, so you can always justify the purchase as rewarding the devs for being one of the good guys.

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