Phoenix Point Presentation Shows Off New Jericho Faction

Julian Gollop recently held a presentation in which he showed off Phoenix Point, his upcoming turn based strategy game. During the demonstration, he played through a single mission, and talked at length about New Jericho, one of the game’s factions. He also revealed some more info about the geoscape, as well as throwing out a few morsels related to the tactical layer.

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phoenix point new jericho faction demo
Phoenix Point Presentation Shows Off New Jericho Faction

Each faction in the game will have their own unique soldier classes, as well as their own research trees. If you want their research, you’ll have to either trade for it, or steal it. You’ll also have to conduct your own research, which sounds like it’s similar to what the X-Com and XCOM games did.

The New Jericho faction is a militarized, highly trained group, established by a wealthy industrialist. Their soldiers include the assault, sniper, heavy and technician classes. The assault is an agile trooper, with the ability to perform extra moves and return fire when an enemy attacks. He’s skilled at using grenades and grapplings hooks. The sniper has the ability to manually target body parts, letting you disable certain functions of your enemies. The heavy is pretty much what you’d expect, armed with a minigun and missile launcher, but he also has the ability to rocket jump, which allows him to reach vantage points, escape dire situations, and such. Finally, the technician can set an automated turret to do the dirty work for them, and a robotic arm that allows them to heal injuries, repair and hack.

There are two types of healing in the game. The regular one restores health points and brings your troops further away from death. The healing of injuries can only be done by special means (like the technician’s robotic arm), and it removes statuses like bleeding, fixes up disabled limbs and similar.

Most of the other stuff shown off in the video is old news if you’ve been following the game. If not, it’s really worth a watch.

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