Planet Coaster Free Summer Update all with Fireworks

Spark your inner fire with Fireworks that are coming in the Planet Coaster free summer update. This update will go live on June 27, 2017. It is not going to be easy, as a new threat arises from possible pick-pocketing of guests and vandalism. Deal with those problems while enjoying the new rides, coasters, scenarios, scenery and other new things, as well as bug fixes.

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Below you’ll find just some of the things the update will bring to the table. For the full notes on the Planet Coaster summer update 1.3, you should visit the official page. Planet Coaster was one of thebest-selling games of 2016 on Steam.

  • New Management Features
    • Crime and Security management
    • Two forms of crime introduced, theft from guest’s pockets and vandalism
      • Pickpockets – A specific guest type that disrupts the park and its guests by stealing their cash, leading to unhappy guests
      • Vandals – Vandalism has a chance to be committed by any adult or teen if their happiness drops to a certain threshold, attacking and breaking a bin or a bench
    • Broken bins and benches decrease the scenery rating around them and guests will not use them
    • Janitors will not empty broken bins
    • Mechanics will repair vandalised bins and benches at no additional cost as part of a new work task
      • The length of time for each repair is based on their happiness/training
    • Vandalised benches and bins can be replaced in the Park Management interface or via the broken item’s Info panel
      • Vandalised items can be replaced all at once or individually via the Security Management in the Park Management interface
  • New ‘Security Guards’ staff type added
    • Helps deter crime and littering
    • Spots, chases, and ejects pickpockets from the park
    • Retrieves and returns stolen cash from the pickpockets to their victims if caught before leaving the park
    • Security Guard’s energy levels decreases when chasing a miscreant and replenishes when they are not
    • Spots and ejects vandals from the park
    • Can be told to eject guests the player may suspect are pickpockets or vandals
    • Guests will not litter in view of security guards, holding on to the litter for another period of time
  • New ‘Security Guards’ info panel added
  • New “Security Cameras” scenery objects added
  • New “Security Cam Mode” added – Players can view through the lens of the security camera
  • New “Security Management” tab added to Park Management – Includes three new tabs
    • Added guest thoughts for security and crime
    • Added notifications for security and crime
      • A new “Security” tab is available in the ‘The Notifications’ panel to isolate crime notifications
    • A toggle to enable/ disable Security and Crime management is available in the game settings
    • Ride Prestige
      • Ride Prestige is now a new tab within the ride info panel
      • New ‘Re-Brand’ feature added
      • New Ride reputation timeline added to visualise the rides reputation aging process and the effects to its prestige
      • Tooltips added to the Reputation timeline to reveal time between each age state and the impact it has on the rides prestige
      • Closed rides do not age
    • Go Karts
      • Go Karts – a brand new addition to track rides
      • Each car driver has its own personality – some are aggressive, some are careful
      • Drivers can overtake and spin out if they corner too hard
      • There are between 12 to 20 uniquely numbered cars
      • Each race has a different result
      • The track comes with wide and narrow sections, optional railings and a chicane section
      • Race winners (and close rivals) will perform a parade lap once they pass the chequered signal lights
    • Blueprints
      • Blueprints can now hold up to 4,000 scenery pieces!
      • Flat rides (and their entrance/exit positions) can now be included in blueprints! Have a great ride skin? Now you can include the ride too
      • Flat rides can now be part of a multi-selection, and moved around along with your scenery pieces/buildings
      • Blueprints can now include up to 5 rides or coasters (a mix of any of the existing blueprint ride types, and the new flat rides too). Got a pirate themed log flume and a Victory? Bundle it all together!
    • Duelling Coasters
      • Chain up to five coasters to launch in sync, facilitating the creation of ‘duelling’ and ‘racing’ coasters
      • Chain coasters in the operations tab – coasters will launch when each and every coaster that is chained together are in a ‘ready’ state to launch, as in all of their ‘Load Rules’ have been satisfied
      • Any coaster in ‘test mode’ will only sync with other chained coasters in ‘test mode’
      • Any coaster that is ‘open’ will only sync with other chained coasters that are ‘open’
      • Closed or broken down coasters will be ignored by other chained coasters
    • Fanfare News Feed added to keep players up to date with all the latest news, features and events for Planet Coaster
      • A toggle to turn the news feed off is provided in the interface options menu
    • New Rides
      • Big Wheel – A fairground classic, this ride has 20 gondolas and seats 120 guests that fits perfectly between the existing Ferris wheels in Planet Coaster
      • Elixir Machine – This ride is one of the most nauseating and brutal flat rides in the game. Guest are spun and flipped at high speed in all directions on this modern marvel
      • ZoZo – One of the oldest ride designs in Planet Coaster the Zozo is a small, lightweight, vintage ride which has a beautiful bygone era look and feel
    • New Coasters
      • Bakasura – An inverted shuttle coaster built with 2 large towers that have custom heights from which the train is lifted and dropped from at each end of the track giving the guests a unique experience of riding the coaster forwards and backwards along the same track
        • The Bakasura features: Two new special cobra rolls, Steep Cobra Roll Left and Steep Cobra Roll Right and an animated station
      • Steel Hydra – A swinging, suspended, family coaster that has a unique flow and elegance as it travels round the track
      • Trident – A classic shuttle coaster that has customisable 45 degree lift hill with a unique catch-car system that lifts the car backwards from the station. Once the train has completed the run a chain lift that repeats the action at the other end of the track and sends it backwards through the same track
        • The Trident features: Two new cobra rolls, Cobra Roll Left and Cobra Roll Right
        • New Scenarios
          • Add 3 new scenarios to the game under “Chief Beef’s Meaty Challenge”
            • Chief Beef’s Raceway – On the site of a former sea-front racetrack, Chief Beef’s Raceway was constructed to take advantage of the site’s heritage. However, during construction money complications arose and concessions had to be made, resulting in a track that has been criticised as not being fun to race on. Can you realise the full potential of the location?
            • Oak Island – For over a century this antique park has provided thrills to many generations, but it’s starting to be overshadowed by towering, twisting, modern thrill machines found in other parks, so the board have decided it’s time to put the park back on the map and add some of its own, thrilling, modern rides, whilst preserving the heritage of the park. Are you up to the challenge?
            • Downtown – Downtown Park was built in an attempt to bring happiness to this notorious crime hotspot, where security guards demand higher salaries due to higher risks, but the founder couldn’t overcome the high levels of crime. Can you succeed where they succumbed and bring joy to the area?
        • Coaster and Track Ride Blueprints
          • Added 9 new blueprints
            • Crankstart – Luna Autos – Powered Track Ride
            • Whitewater – Rolling River – River Rapids
            • Flight of the Dragon – Dragon – Junior Coaster
            • Afterburn – Cloud Runner – Wing – Launched Coaster
            • Serpentine – Steel Hydra – Suspended Coaster
            • Adversary – Rival – Inverted – 4 Seater Coaster
            • Labrys – Bakasura – Giant Inverted Boomerang Coaster
            • Cortez – Trident – Boomerang Coaster
            • Ring Racers – Go Karts – Powered Track Ride
        • New Scenery
          • Over 150 new scenery pieces including:
            • Animatronics
            • Shop signs
            • Fencing
            • Racing props
            • Security Cameras
          • Added 2 new path types with a wood effect – perfect for piers and decking!
          • Added 2 new queue types with a wood effect – layers well with the new path types and scenery panels!

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