Play Gigantic For Free Now On Steam

Gigantic, a third-person shooter MOBA, is out on Steam as of July 20, 2017. This is a free-to-play game. To get it and start playing, you’ll only need to sign into your Steam account and download its 10 GB of content for free. To celebrate its launch on Steam, players will get the exclusive Beckett Stone Relics skin after their first match.

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Play Gigantic For Free On Steam
Play Gigantic For Free Now On Steam

The launch on Steam came a bit earlier than announced. Players could’ve downloaded it and started playing before its official date. They’ve opened the servers early to ensure launch goes as stable as it possibly can, or for the ones adventurous ones to discover it, according to the official twitter.

For those who are not familiar with this game, Gigantic is a five-on-five PvP third person shooter developed by Motiga Inc. and published by Perfect World Entertainment. The roster of more than 16 heroes lets you master their spells, weapons and abilities. While you fight against enemy teams, you can summon creatures to help you out. You go Gigantic once your Guardian is fully powered. Some of the future updates will bring features like Push to talk and much more.

If, for some reason, you are wondering where you can spend some money in this game, there are two packs: Ultimate and Starter. The Ultimate is the more expensive one, and costs $30, while the Starter will cost you $10.

The Gigantic Ultimate Pack has the following content:

  • All current heroes and all future heroes FOR LIFE
  • Lord Knossos Warlord of the West Skin
  • Beckett Cloudracer Skin
  • 10 Win Boost
  • 200 Rubies
  • 10 Fortune Card Draws
  • 1 Friend Code

The $10 pack contains the following items:

  • 8 Heroes – The Margrave, HK 206, Beckett, Lord Knossos, Tyto the Swift, Charnok, Uncle Sven, Xenobia
  • Lord Knossos Warlord of the West Skin
  • 1 Win Boost (Prestige)
  • 100 Rubies
  • 5 Fortune Card Draws

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