PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Featured Many Cool Games And Revealed PlayStation 5 Design

Sony has scheduled a PlayStation 5 reveal event for tonight during which the company shared a bunch of new games and the design of the console. You can read below about each new game shown during the event and you can watch every trailer.  All games shown during the events are running on PlayStation 5 consoles, according to Sony.

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At the beginning, we’ve got confirmation that GTA 5 will arrive to the PS5 in 2021 with enhanced visuals. It looks like we will have to pay for the PS5 version in case we own the game on the PS4. Yay…

And then, a bang! Spiderman: Miles Morales is a PlayStation 5 launch title and is coming alongside the console. It looks like a standalone expansion to the Marve’s Spider-Man. We’ve got a cinematic trailer so we cannot say much about visuals. The presentation continued with a new Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo 7 looks excellent and features stuff like interactive menus and a full cockpit view (hope for every car in the game). Release date wasn’t shown.

The presentation rolls on and the next game is a new Rachet and Clank! Oh Yeah! It looks like the game will take place in a bunch of different dimensions, from lush jungles to megacities of the future. Visuals are on par with Pixar movies, and there’s a female Ratchet. Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart will bring instantaneous travel between dimensions (thanks to the SSD) as well as ray tracing. Gameplay isn’t changed much compared to previous games. You jump, hit everyone and use a variety of weapons and gadgets to defeat enemies and travel around levels. While the complexity of visuals isn’t really impressive, lighting and interdimensional travel look pretty nice, especially particle effects. Everything can be destroyed and the chaos doesn’t slow down the game.

Now, a game from Square Enix. What could that be? So, levels here look huge, like really huge. We learned that the name of this title is Project Athia and that it is designed exclusively for the PlayStation 5. The next trailer shows a grim word of tomorrow and contains bunch of robots. In fact, it seems that robots have replaced humans. So, it’s a robot world, but there are cats. It looks like we will be playing as that cat since the game is called Stray and is coming in 2021. 

Now, a little break showing the most important features of the PlayStation 5. SSD, Dual Sense controller, Ray Tracing, stuff like that. Now, a new PlayStation franchise. Made by Housemarque, it takes place on an alien planet. It looks something like Prey: Mooncrash where you crash-land on the planet, die, and then get revived and try to survive longer the next time. The planet changes between each death, and it seems that the planet and its flora and fauna is slowly changing the main character. Yes, thing looks like something between Prey 2017, Death Stranding, and Anthem (the combat). The name of the game is Returnal (what a name!). Groundhog Day on a hostile alien planet, nice.

Sumo Digital is bringing Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The character from Little Big Planet now has his own game. And yes, it looks cute as hell. But the platforming also seems rather nice. Switches between 2D and 3D along with combat, boss battles, and various other gameplay mechanics. It seems the game will support co-op, cool.

Ok, now, the next game looks like Monday Night Combat, but with realistic visuals. Ok, it’s something else. Twisted metal, without weapons and players who can run around and don’t drive cars. Rocket League meets Rollerball, maybe…? Destruction All-Stars, that’s what it’s called.

The next game is coming from a studio called Ember Lab and is about personal journey of a young girl who knows how to use her bow and arrow. It’s some kind of action adventure. The combat reminds us on Horizon: Zero Dawn, but its faster and with more melee combat. Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks dreamy, with its warm colors and expansive levels, and little creatures in need of saving. Yeah, it seems the girl has to banish the darkness for the world and save those cute black creatures.

Ok, now, this is something that looks like a Night in The Woods. Characters are humanoid animals and the game is called Goodbye Volcano High. Looks like an adventure about the last year of high school and is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021.

Oooh, a new Oddworld is next. Oddworld: Soulstorm places you as the only savior of your people. It’s a 2D platformer with 3D visuals. Visuals are nice, with amazing animation. It looks like you will have a task to save as many people as you can, and they all can die before the end of a level, like in Lemmings.

And now, Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay trailer. The main protagonist can see dead people and other dimensions. It’s a first-person action game, with cool, Bioshock-like powers, bike driving, bizarre enemies, and nice graphics. Yeah, this looks cool AF and is arriving in 2021. Ok, what’s next?

It’s a game that looks like it takes place in soviet Russia, but with spaceships. Yup, spaceships and space stations. It looks like a giant spaceship is set for distant planets, to find a new home somewhere out there. The game’s a third person adventure, platformer? Jett: The Far Shore is coming out this holiday.

And now, we have Gearbox’s Godfall. It’s cool and all, with high octane combat and lots of destruction. You know, we’ve already have seen it. And now, from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter, there’s a new game that takes place inside a black hole. It’s trippy, with visuals similar to The Journey. It’s a third person platformer with excellent music. Its name is Solar Ash and we can’t wait to see more of it. Its world looks very trippy and psychedelic, we like it. 

Now, a new game from IO Interactive, probably the new Hitman. Yup, it’s Hitman III. It’s arriving on January 2021, nice. The third game will conclude the trilogy that started in 2016. The level shown takes place in Dubai. It features lots of stealth, branching paths, and targets to eliminate.

Astro’s Playroom is next. It looks better than the first game. The platforming is great and graphics are much improved over the Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The next game is like Ashen but humans have faces. And it’s much cuter than Ashen. There’s exploration, climbing, horseback riding, combat, shooting, hunting. This game has it all! It even has solid humor. Enemies are pretty weird. You have regular animals but then you have dragons and creatures that looks like they’ve come from nightmares. Little Devil Inside is the name of it. Remember it since it looks very interesting.


Next is NBA 2K 21, with Zion Williamson as the poster face. It’s NBA2K, that’s more to say. Next, a strawberry. No really, it’s a strawberry with eyes. And some kind of animal with large fangs that eats living strawberries and has Australian accent! You also have centipedes made of fried ribs, French fry spiders and more. And the sea lion-like animal is eating them all. Bugsnax comes from creators of Octodad and is filled with bugs made of food. Discover more this holiday season on PlayStation 5 and possibly on other platforms.

And, for the end, we have a new game, maybe? The world is huge and covered in darkness. There are flying monsters and flying ray monsters and grim reapers and huuuge horned demons. Yup, it’s Demon’s Souls Remake for PlayStation 5. And now, Deathloop from Arkane Studios. Yeah, this is Arkane. First person gameplay with shooting, teleporting powers, and lots of stealth assassinations. And when you die, you start over.  The main character is being hunted by everyone living on the island where the game takes place. The ultimate goal is to kill eight targets before midnight while trying to avoid being killed by another assassin. It’s nice, a combination between Dishonored and a classic first-person shooter, with lots of stealth. And it seems like other player will be able to play as the second assassin, the one who is preventing the main character to kill his targets.


These trailers just start one after another without any pause. We already have another game. A first-person game, probably a horror. Facial animations are pristine. Yes, it’s a horror, taking place in a snow-covered forest. We also have castles, an abandoned village, witches, and a bunch of nasty stuff. And werewolves. And Chris Redfield and Ethan From Resi VII! It’s Resident Evil VIII: The Village! That was a nice surprise!

Ok, already another game. A huge city, some guy in a mech-like suit, holographic cats, the ability to see through time. Okay, now it got weird. A satellite is falling down and a little girl is an android. Now we are in space. Pragmata is the most interesting title we’ve seen during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. This is like Death Stranding in space, but weirder, and it’s coming in 2022.

The next game is another PlayStation 5 first-party exclusive. Lush forests that cover ancient buildings, ships, and airplanes. It’s a new Horizon Zero Dawn!!! Yeah, this is impressive. We have new robots and a world where ancient machines are returning, trying to turn the world into the desolate place it was for thousands of years after they destroyed the Earth as we know it. This game looks seriously amazing, the world is insanely huge and we believe this is where the PS5 SSD will show its muscles. Horizon: Forbidden West doesn’t have a release date but it looks like the game won’t come out before 2022.

And it seems that Horizon: Forbidden West was the last game of the show. Last but not least, is the design of the new console. It’s, well, original. The console looks like a discarded PlayStation 3 design that got refreshed for 2020. It’s wavy and nonsymmetrical and, yes, it’s not very pretty. The good news is that there will be two versions of the console. One with a Bly Ray drive and a digital edition that will, supposedly, be cheaper. We were also shown new headphones that could probably feature a new cool audio tech found on the PS5, and a new media remote.

Many games were platformers, there were zero classic first person shooters, and we’ve seen a number of original games that mix gameplay from multiple genres. The most impressive games for us were Horizon: Forbidden West, the new Ratchet and Clank, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Little Devils Inside, Resident Evil VIII, Stray, Solar Ash, and Pragmata. We can’t wait to see more of Pragmata.

Okay, this actually was impressive. The PlayStation 5 reveal brought a lot of cool games, a couple of very exciting games, and a PlayStation 5 design that will be the talk of the town in the coming days and weeks. Some will love it but the first impression isn’t the best. Anyway, that was the PlayStation 5 reveal event and we can’t wait to play new first party exclusives.