PlayStation Plus February 2018 Free Games Include Rime and Knack

Sony has released the list of free games that PS Plus subscribers can get in February 2018. The games on the list include Rime, Knack, Spelunker, Grand Kingdom, Exiles End, and Mugen Souls Z. Also, the PSVR game Starblood Arena is also up for grabs if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. You can pick it up until March 6th.

PlayStation Plus February 2018 Free Games Include Rime and Knack
PlayStation Plus February 2018 Free Games Include Rime and Knack

Well, February is here, which means that it’s time to check out which free games you can get with PlayStation Plus this month. As usual, there’s two games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita each. On top of that, all PS Plus subscribers can pick up Starblood Arena for PSVR for free until March 6th. Anyway, the selection for February 2018 is a little… unique, I guess? So, let’s dive right into it.

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On the PS4, the first game you can get is Knack. This is both a weird and strangely understandable choice. Knack was a PS4 launch title, so I see why Sony would want to let you have it for free. That being said, Knack is a meh game at best. I don’t know who would want to play it, except maybe out of sheer curiosity. Oh, well. The second game is the one I’m really excited about, and that’s Rime. It’s an atmospheric puzzle-adventure game that’s a huge metaphor for dealing with grief. It sounds right up my alley; I’m gonna be checking it out.

On the PlayStation 3, the choices are Mugen Souls Z, which, I mean, sure, and Spelunker HD, which is a must for all Spelunky fans. Finally, on the Vita, there’s Grand Kingdom and Exiles End. You can play Grand Kingdom on the PlayStation 4, as well. So, that’s your lot for this month. Hopefully, everyone will find something to their liking. I’ll be going for Rime.

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