PlayStation Plus May Free Games Include Beyond Two Souls

Sony has announced the list of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for May 2018. The list features six games across three platforms, and runs quite the gambit of different games, from Rayman Legends and Beyond Two Souls to Eat Them and King Oddball. There’s a little bit for everybody, depending on which console you own.

PlayStation Plus May Free Games Include Beyond Two Souls
PlayStation Plus May Free Games Include Beyond Two Souls

So, let’s go straight to the games you can pick up with PlayStation Plus next month. On PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to pick up Beyond Two Souls and Rayman Legends. Beyond Two Souls is a typical David Cage / Quantic Dream game. It’s the usual QTEs, branching paths depending on your choices, the works. I have a strange feeling that this game being on the list is only to generate more hype for the upcoming Detroit: Become Human. If you like David Cage games, this will probably make you pretty happy. Rayman Legends, on the other hand, probably needs no introduction. It’s a fun platformer, with a four-player co-op option for added chaos.

As for the PlayStation 3, you’ll have the option between Risen 3 Titan Lords and Eat Them. Risen 3 is an older, pretty standard RPG. Eat Them, on the other hand, is a cell-shaded action game where you create your own gigantic monster and wreak havoc on a city and devouring its inhabitants to boost your abilities and weapons. Last, but not least, the PS Vita. First, King Oddball, which is also a cross-buy with the PS4 and PS3. This is a weird action-puzzle game, where you control King Oddball and his boulder-holding tongue. You then have to fling the boulder and destroy as many targets as possible. Yes, really. Second, Furmins is a cute little physics-based puzzle game where you control an adorable, tiny ball of fuzz. Unfortunately, this one is not a cross-buy.

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