PlayStation Plus September 2018 Free Games Include Destiny 2

Sony has revealed the list of free games you’ll be able to pick up this September if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. And, quite honestly, the haul for PlayStation 4 is pretty amazing, with God of War 3 Remastered and Destiny 2. The Vita and PS3, sadly, don’t feature particularly well-know titles.

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PlayStation Plus September 2018 Free Games Include Destiny 2
PlayStation Plus September 2018 Free Games Include Destiny 2

Another month, another set of free games you can grab if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. So, let’s start with the PlayStation 4, as we usually do. First up, there’s none other than Destiny 2. It’s really interesting to see such a huge title that’s going for free so soon after launch. I guess this is to draw in as many new players as possible before the launch of the Forsaken expansion. Interestingly, according to the announcement, Destiny 2 is already available for all you that have PS Plus subscribers. They’re giving it to you early, so that you can experience the free trial of Forsaken’s hybrid PVE & PVP mode, Gambit, beginning on September 1st.

Next up on the PS4, we have God of War 3 Remastered. This one makes sense, considering the insane success of the new God of War game. If that was your first God of War game, then you might be curious as to what exactly happened for Kratos to exile himself into the freezing north. Well, God of War 3 will give you all the information you need. Basically, you’ll get all the context necessary to understand some of the moments from the new game.

On the PlayStation 3, the free games are Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, and QUBE Director’s Cut. Both games are cross-buys with PS4, and the former is also a cross buy with the Vita. Speaking of, the free Vita games are Foul Play and Sparkle 2. Again, both games are cross-buys with the PS4, and Sparkle 2 is also for the PS3.

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