Pokemon Legends Z-A Announced for 2025

At the last Pokemon Presents event, Nintendo have announced Pokemon Legends Z-A. The game will launch simultaneously all over the world at some point in 2025; there is no exact release date yet. Which is fine; we’re still a long ways away from it. The only thing we’ve seen about it so far is a teaser trailer with no gameplay, but that’s been more than enough to get the fan base pumped.

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pokemon legends z-a announced for 2025
Pokemon Legends Z-A Announced for 2025

Pokemon Legends Z-A Coming Out in 2025

If you’re looking forward to a new Pokemon game, then you’ll have to wait until 2025, which is when Pokemon Legends Z-A is going to launch. But after waiting about ten years, what’s one more going to do? For those of you that don’t know, Pokemon Z was originally announced a decade ago, and was supposed to be the third version of Pokemon X and Y. Presumably kinda like Yellow was for Red and Blue. The project was unfortunately shelved and forgotten. So, it’s really exciting to see Lumiose City again. I’m especially curious about those “extensive renovations” that the teaser trailer mentions.

So, what can we expect from Pokemon Legends Z-A once it does come out in 2025? In all honesty, we don’t know much at time of writing. We do know what Lumiose City is being renovated in order to facilitate a “beautiful vision of coexistence between people and Pokemon.” That could be a very interesting setting, depending on what they do with it. Also, the trailer features what seem to be Mega Evolutions, which is always cool. Beyond that, though, we don’t know much. All I do know is that Game Freak better step up in a major way after the huge splash that Palworld made. It’s obvious that people want more innovation in their monster-collecting games. We’ll have to wait and see.

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