PS Plus Free Games for June 2017 Include Killing Floor 2 & Life is Strange

The full list of PS Plus free games for June has been announced. Subscribers will have the chance to grab six games across three consoles. The list includes Life is Strange, Killing Floor 2 on the PlayStation 4, WRC 5: World Rally Championship and Abyss Odyssey on the PS3, and more.

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PS Plus Free Games for June 2017 Include Killing Floor 2 & Life is Strange
PS Plus Free Games for June 2017 Include Killing Floor 2 & Life is Strange

Sony has revealed their pick of free games that PS Plus subscribers will be getting for free this month. PlayStation 4 players have two extremely popular and well-reviewed games up for grabs: Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2. Well, we’ve known that ever since it leaked on the PlayStation Turkey Twitter. If those games aren’t enough, the two picks for the Vita (Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon) are cross-buys with the PS4, so you can technically get four games.

Killing Floor 2, is a first-person zombie-shooter that you play in co-op with up to five other players. Your task is to go down into continental Europe and stop a zombie virus outbreak. The game is set right after the events of the first Killing Floor.

Life is Strange is a five-part episodic game about a college girl that discovers she can rewind time, and even time-travel. The game is narrative-heavy; it’s almost like a visual novel, but you can actually move around and interact with people and objects to solve an unsettling murder mystery. While the writing in Life is Strange can sometimes be very weak, it’s still an engrossing story about friendship, growing up and responsibility. If you can look away from some of the truly cringeworthy moments, that is.

Check out the list below for the full set of free games you can get this month if you’re a PS Plus subscriber.

PlayStation 4

  • Killing Floor 2
  • Life is Strange

PlayStation 3

  • Abyss Odyssey
  • WRC 5: World Rally Championship

PlayStation Vita

  • Neon Chrome (cross-buy on PS4)
  • Spy Chameleon (cross-buy on PS4

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