PUBG Announces Upcoming Event Mode This Week

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is adding Event Mode to the proceedings. They will work very much like limited-time modes in Fortnite. The first iteration will be somewhat limited and kinda barren, but they’re planning more for the Event Mode down the pipeline.

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PUBG Announces Upcoming Event Mode This Week
PUBG Announces Upcoming Event Mode This Week

After PUBG exploded on the gaming scenes, it kinda came from left field. Nobody really expected it would be so huge, especially in early access. Regardless, PUBG ruled the land, especially in its own genre, the Battle Royale. But then, Epic Games swept in with Fortnite Battle Royale, and the situation changed dramatically. Fortnite BR took the formula of PUBG and built upon it. They added different events, limited-time modes, and generally delivered a much smoother experience. And, quite importantly, Fortnite BR is free. Now, PUBG has to fight to stay in the sun.

So, now we have the strange situation where PUBG, that brought Battle Royale to the forefront, has to copy its copy, because the copy arguably dethroned it. PUBG is adding Event Mode to the proceedings to shake things up. If you’ve played Fortnite, this might somewhat remind you of its limited-time modes, because that’s exactly what they are. The Event Mode is currently going through a test build. Once testing is done, it will go on live servers, and everyone that has a copy of PUBG will have access to it.

The first thing they’re planning for Event Mode is kinda underwhelming. You’ll be able to play with teams of up to eight players, and the drop rates of rifles will double. Not much, but it is the first go-around. Later on, there’ll be other stuff, or, in the words of the developers: “The future of the Event Mode holds exciting things!” In the beginning, Event Mode will be limited to TPP on Erangel. Playing Event Mode won’t be ranked, but they will reward you with BP at the end of the match.

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