Pyre Release Date Set for Late July, Pre-orders Open

In a post on the Playstation blog, Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games has announced the release date of their next game, Pyre. The party-based RPG from the team behind Transistor and Bastion will be coming to PC and Playstation 4 on July 25th. You can now preorder it and get -10% off the usual price, which is $20.

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pyre release date
Pyre release date

In Pyre, you lead a group of characters exiled to The Downside. In order to escape the accursed place, you’ll need to take part in an ancient competition called the Rites. You’ll choose three characters from your group to participate in each Rite. You’ll be pitted against another team of three, with the task to extinguish the opponent’s signal flame before they do the same to you. In order to increase your chances of success, you’ll equip your party members with talismans and masteries.

It’s a first for Supergiant, doing party-based stuff, but we have faith they’ll manage just fine. What’s most interesting about the combat is that there’s no fail state. Even if you lose a game, you won’t need to reload or restart. Every failure will be a part of the journey, instead of stopping you dead in your tracks.

Apart from the singleplayer campaign, the game will offer a versus mode as well, letting you play local games against friends. Online multiplayer won’t be available – the devs said that an online component has to be accounted for from the start in this day and age, and their focus was always on the singleplayer campaign. Think of the versus mode as a nifty bonus, instead of a core feature. If you’re a fan of the studio’s previous work, you’ll be happy to know that the official soundtrack (once again made by Darren Korb) will go on sale at the same time the game launches, and will be sold for $10.

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